Saturday, November 22, 2008

Neutral Eye requested by Babylc26 aka Nancy!

So Nancy asked for a natural/neutral look. I think this might be a little bit darker than "natural" but you guys tell me what you think!

*I plucked my brows right before this so my skin looks a bit pinkish.

First start off with something to prime your lids. I chose my handy dandy E.L.F. all over cover stick in fair.


Then take a chocolatey brown color and place it in the out corner of your eyes and a bit in the middle. Use whatever medium shadow brush you feel comfortable with and a crease brush. :)

I used Revlon's Blazen Berry quad's dark brown. This quad is pretty old lol! I don't know if they sell this anymore but you can find tons of dupes.


After than take a light vanilla taupe color and place in the inner tearduct and the inner 1/3 of the eyelid. I used a smaller concealer brush for this.




Add some liner and some mascara. Don't forget to curl your lashes and then you're finished!
Simple and Easy, eh?

Revlon Brazen Berry Quad dark brown color 5.99$

E.L.F. 1$
[not pictured.]

Maybelline Lash Expansion 1.70$ :)


My return!

Long time no see!
So I've been a bit MIA in the past few weeks.
There has been tons of stuff happening and now I have my brother Phillip and his fiancee Audrey who I adore living with us.
My mother and step father are in a divorce which was long overdue.
While we're in a better mental and physical health, fincially we're a bit screwed so family is really helping us out.
I really wish the economy and especially the housing market would pick back up again because we might like to sell the house but can't due to the market.
Anyways enough about that.
I switched Audrey into a EDM user which has helped with her skin.
I feel secretely like a drug dealer for EDM! LOL.
She gave me some minis from her sample kit that were my color but too light for her.
We now have one dog Remy and three cats. All of the cats are bigger than Remy so it's amusing.
My bestie Brit's dogs had puppies and we've decided to keep one to share since we're going to live together and we wanted a shared dog since we have seperates.
Any names?
We still haven't chosen if we want a girl or a boy.
:) I might get some pictures up soon.

Also I'll have a photo tutorial up for you all.

Requests baby!


Btw! Thanks for everyone for the love and support I've gotten!