Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What do you girls think?

So I've been debating on what to wear for the plane ride.
It's going to CHILLLYYY in Chicago!
Also I've been bugged constantly with what I want for the holidays.

What do you guys think about these two items?

Fab V Neck Sweater by Forever 21 $9.50

And then what I really want is this coat
Belicia DB Coat $ 44.80 by Forever 21

And then some dark denim jeans and black peep toe heels?

Classy but not over doing it?
Yes no?
Feedback is GREATLY appreciated!
:) Let me know!


Where oh where has little Sarah been?

I've been here suprisingly.
I've been completely boggled down with non stop family and never a moment of my own.
I did a vlog last night which I'm still iffy if I'll post.
Most likely I'll redo it.
I appreciate all the love and support you guys have given me!
Anyways I'm going to be going to see the boyfriend on the 20th, yay!
I'll be sure to do my "hot girl" look as Jenn requested!
Any ideas?
My boy doesn't really like the whole eyeshadow thing so I'm trying to think of a good look. Plus I'll be seeing his family and LOL don't wanna look like a mail order bride!

So we've got what three weeks till Christmas/Hanukkah.
I was raised with both Judaism and Catholicism in my family so I celebrate both.

What's on YOUR wish list? ;)